Tuesday, 21 September 2021 03:25 pm 

Our next drivers education course starts Saturday -September 11th ,2021, - Enroll Now Classes fill fast!!!



Combination Course.....$325.00

(Consists of classroom driver's education and 6 hours of behind the wheel training that meets the requirements for teenagers to get their permit and license.)

Teen Driver's Education Course.....$125.00

(Consists of classroom education meeting the requirements for a teenager under the age of 18).

Teen Driver's Training Course.....$240.00

(Consists of 6 hours behind the wheel training meeting the requirements for teenagers)


The rate for adults is $45.00 per hour. This rate is for behind the wheel training, drive test refresher courses and Driver Safety Cases.


Here is a sample rate for Adults
# of Lessons # of Hours Cost
1 2 Hours $90
2 4 Hours $180
3 6 Hours $270
4 8 Hours $360
5 10 Hours $450